Our Impact

Creating an impact is core to our business and how we invest.


We consider ESG a key driver in maximising value for investors and enhancing the long-term sustainability of portfolio entities. For us ESG is not a product but a mindset embedded in how we invest and deploy capital. This allows us to meet our fiduciary duty to investors and societies while also creating a differentiated position in the market and enhancing our brand value.

We have integrated ESG across all our solutions and the entire investment cycle – It’s the lens through which we consider an investment, advise our clients and conduct ourselves.

In our Real Estate solution for example, we recognized the importance of taking an intentional and active approach to property development and management, and the role that this plays in creating sustained positive environmental and social change for our stakeholders and the environment. We have taken the view that properties can be a key driver for socio-economic development, community engagement, and social upliftment. Please click below for our latest annual ESG report.

Corporate Social Investment

Novare endeavours to contribute to the development of under-privileged communities.

Our flagship project is a partnership with the Imagine Scholar school in the rural Nkomazi region of South Africa, located in the eastern art of the Ehlanzeni District Municipality of the Mpumalanga province.

Imagine Scholar is founded on the belief that there are extraordinary youth in every pocket of the world. Its mission is to equip these young leaders with the integrity, skills, and mindsets necessary to shape a world they can be proud of.

While still studying at Imagine Scholar, students spend time job shadowing Novare staff at our Johannesburg office. Our staff also travel to the school for one-on-one and group discussion workshops, assisting the students, amongst other things, to develop life skills.

In addition to our financial contributions to the school, we offer career guidance to Imagine Scholar graduates to assist choosing further programmes of study.

The focus of the programme on investing in the development of South Africa's future leaders, and the benefits it brings to the broader community were aspects that encouraged Novare to support this project.

Other sponsorships

  • Financial support for the SNAP Academy that teaches the National Curriculum to children on the Autistic Spectrum and children with other special needs
  • Meals on Wheels
  • The University of Stellenbosch Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
  • In April 2020 Novare donated R250 000 to the Solidarity Fund set up by the South African government to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, help government to track the spread, care for those who are ill and support those whose lives are disrupted.